Obduction v1.8 Crack PC +CPY CODEX Torrent Free Download

Obduction v1.8 Crack PC +CPY CODEX Torrent Free Download

Obduction v1.8 Crack PC +CPY CODEX Torrent Free Download

Obduction Crack The game is a modern indie adventure that astonishes everyone with its possibilities. The toy has all the features that every player likes and parameters. The player is required to discover the vast and open world and uncover various secrets and mysteries about the universe and its inhabitants. In a convincing narrative, all these elements are brought together. The Adventure has an Obduction CD Key, a special implementation of unbelievably realistic and believable game placements. If a player is interested in learning more about all of the specific features.

Obduction CPY Due to his abduction, the autopsy’s main character finds himself in an incomprehensible and enigmatic setting. The character has to enter this world because of what happened. The collection of documentation, the quest for data, and the necessary actors help pave the way for the main character to go home. One of the highly experienced Obduction Plaza, game engines used to build the game in Unreal Engine 4. In digital development, this engine has made it possible to provide high-quality images, voice work, and simple details, along with special effects.

Obduction Free Download

Obduction is a first-person computer adventure game released in 2016. This Russian project begins quite oddly – the main character discovered that when an incomprehensible organic artifact dropped at his feet and teleported into an incomprehensible universe, his everyday life ended forever. All seems familiar, but it’s so odd as if some part of the place where we were protagonists were being transported with him. Unknown animals and strange technical artifacts are propelled about by giant vehicles. If you plan to download the Obduction IGG-Game, you can learn the secrets of this artifact that will save you from being stuck in your own universe.

Obduction PC It turns out that aliens have kidnapped the main character and will be overloaded in the open spaces of a fantastic universe of interactive objects. He attempts in vain to clean up the situation himself, as the main character is in a mysterious reserve under the dome. There is no soul around, he fears. However, the presence of humans or other intelligent beings may be seen with the naked eye. This is apparent from the inclusion of interactive objects in which you can communicate with the Obduction torrent. The entire game is not so much about exposing this place’s secrets as it is about the game itself.


Obduction Crack The player must carefully scan for and read books and records in the current process, and listen to digital players, which often attract attention. It is important to compare all of the strings found to grasp the meaning and solve different puzzles.


Obduction v1.8 Crack PC +CPY CODEX Torrent Free Download 

Requirements for the system


  • Needs an operating system and a 64-bit processor
  • Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 or higher
  • Cpu: Intel i5-2500 or better processor
  • Memory: 8 gigabytes of RAM
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 660 GTX 1 GB / AMD 7700 series 1 GB or better equivalent
  • Storage: 20 gigabytes of free space
  • Other Remarks: For VR: NVIDIA 970 or AMD 480 (equivalent or higher)


  • A 64-bit processor and an operating system are needed.
  • Windows 10 64-bit operating system
  • Processor: equal or superior to the Intel i5-4590 CPU
  • Memory: RAM 16 GB
  • NVIDIA GTX 970 4 GB / AMD R9 290 4 GB equivalent or better Graphics Card:
  • Storage: 20 gigabytes of free space
  • Additional Information: NVIDIA 980/1060 or AMD Fury for VR (equivalent or higher)

How do I get the game?

  • To get started, download the game files.
  • Then, using «WinRar» or a similar program, unpack the folder.
  • Use the software «UltraISO» to mount the resulting image.
  • Install the game and authorize the wizard for installation.
  • Copies the contents of the «PLAZA» folder to the game’s folder.
  • The game folder should be added to the Windows Firewall.
  • Hey! Playing!

Other Key Features Obduction:

  • Based on Obduction-CODEX-Based Release of ISO: codex-obduction.iso (6,847,332,352 bytes)
    Update.1.and. 3DMGAME-Obduction.Update.1.and.
  • Crack-3DM (4.4 GB) applied to Alternative 3DM cracks is available after installation in the NoDVD folder if CODEX does not work for you.
  • One hundred percent lossless and MD5 Perfect: all files after installation are identical to the original ones
  • Nothing was shaken, nothing was recorded.
    The size of the archive is greatly decreased (compressed from 10.8 to 4.4 GB cumulative)
  • It takes 5-8 minutes to load (depending on your system)
  • After installation, check its integrity to make sure it is correctly configured.
  • After installation, HDD space: 15 GB

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